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Professional Experience: With over 15 years of clinical experience working with individuals, couples and families, Kachemak Counseling offers evidence-based and client-specific therapeutic modalities that cultivate both personal and relational growth. Tim Robinson, owner and provider, has worked in a variety of clinical settings with clients from across the lifespan and representing a range of acuity levels.

Philosophy & Approach: Tim approaches counseling from a strengths-based and non-pathologizing viewpoint. He believes that we all experience imbalance at different points in our lives, a normal and shared human experience that is often the cause of mental health "dis-ease". Tim's counseling style is a departure from the western medical model of illness, which suggests that mental health "disorders" such as addiction or depression are character flaws, or rooted in some deficiency such as lack of willpower. Instead, Tim strives to promote a therapeutic alliance based on trust, empathy and compassion. He believes that while science-based interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy play an important role in change, a strong therapeutic relationship is a necessary element-along with motivation to change, honest reflection, and discipline-for the counseling process to be effective.

Insurance: Tim is empaneled by and a preferred provider with Aetna, Premera of Alaska, the BCBS Federal Employee Program, all 26 BCBS subsidiaries, the Employee Trust Local Union 52, MODA, Pacific Source and Tricare West. Out-of-network insurance plans are also accepted. Additionally, petitions for reimbursement at an in-network level, known as a Single Case Agreement (SCA), are frequently accepted by out-of-network carriers based on circumstances such as dual relationships or inability to find another licensed provider who is in-network and within a client's catchment area. Kachemak Counseling will submit SCA's by client request and will in most cases manage insurance claims, from initial submission through the adjudication and payout process.

Education & Licensure:

Bachelor of Psychology and Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude, St. John's College (2002)

Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, Alaska Pacific University (2007)

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) #: 612 (2009)

National Certified Counselor #: 271717 (2012)

Board Approved Supervisor #: 109347 (2012)