Welcome, and thank you for considering Kachemak Counseling. Our purpose is to provide high quality and results-oriented mental health services. 

Our Approach: Our approach to counseling is person-centered and strengths-based. We believe that each individual already possesses an inherent ability to change and our role is to support that process.

Getting Started: Along with discussing the reasons for starting therapy and gathering background information, we place great emphasis on the therapeutic relationship during the first few sessions. While it is important to consider a therapist's professional experience and interventional proficiency, rapport is ultimately the strongest predictor of success in counseling.

Timeline: We generally recommend one session per week during the initial stages of therapy. However, the frequency and duration of sessions is a collaborative process between therapist and client based on a individualized plan of care.

Cost: We are in network with Premera of Alaska, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna. We also bill out of network insurance plans. A sliding fee discount is available to self-pay clients. We strive to offer affordable counseling services to anyone interested in pursuing growth and change.

Questions & Scheduling: Please contact us with any questions or to arrange for a 15 minute consultation. Those interested in scheduling a session can do so below:

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